These highly sophisticated products are custom-made electronic systems with a new and exciting approach. Each system can incorporate one or all of the 6 domains of electronic media into one central unit, which constitute the heart of modern living:

- Audio visual
- Domotic (lighting, air c. curtains, doors)
- Automation
- Communication
- Control systems
- Security and surveillance

As a custom-made installation, our equipment is designed and manufactured to match the interior design of homes or offices for style, proportion, form, color scheme and finish. Our creations are the marriage of aesthetics and the most advanced electronics technology executed with top professional standards. They are designed in the forms of sophisticated furniture, architectural columns or vertical wall panels, enhancing interior architecture.

Our luxury home theaters are unmatched anywhere in the world. Our home theaters introduce artistic and futuristic spaces.

The luminous displays on all our avant-garde units disappear when the system is switched off, becoming a uniform black glass finish. This approach enables the integration of all possible electronic systems in any interior, as one central discreet unit, without spoiling the purity of an interior. These creations are the solution to the problem of unattractive TV sets, projectors, video equipment and speakers by introducing artistic and futuristic home entertainment systems into today’s interiors, providing the most user friendly control, no matter how complex the system may be.

Our systems integrate a unique combination of various electronic fields packaged in one completely automised, multi-distribution element operated simply through one single control unit. Each model is a complete compact unit that can be introduced into already finished interiors.

Forty years of research and development, and the realisation of exclusive custom-made prestigious projects around the world, allowed Nazo Vousguimoroukian to present his worldwide innovation to the public in Paris and Monte Carlo since 1979.


FOR THE FIRST TIME, an exclusive showroom has been created in the Middle East, in Riyadh, for the public to visit.


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